Darey’s ‘Love Like A Movie’ concert – A Charles Novia review


I first met Darey in 1999 at Jazzville, a unique and bohemian music club of sorts which was the core pulse of the Lagos weekend social scene for many years up till 2001 when it was officially closed. Darey was a quiet young man then who would perform a few songs and play excellent notes on the keyboard. Then, I was somewhat of a total artiste moonlighting with stand-up comedy every Friday night there as the in-house emcee who took over from the late Mohammed Danjuma of blessed memory. For over a year, every Friday night I would guide the good-natured revellers through the program for the long night, with occassional singing with the band on my part. Within that period, I met Darey who actually was honing his skills through the Jazzville experience with the help of Muyiwa Majekudunmi, the founder of Jazzville.

Darey and I maintained some staccato contact for a few years after that and I have admirably watched his growth and ascendency on the Nigerian Music Scene with pride, being a ‘Jazzville alumnus’ like him.

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